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Designed by riders for riders

Based in Sheffield in the UK Hostile Bicycles is run by riders who understand what’s needed from premium bike frames. All the frames and components are tested and developed on the rough, steep roads and technical trails of the surrounding Peak District National Park. Hostile frames are designed to perform and withstand the steepest rockiest descents whilst being light enough to tackle the most grueling ascents.

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We believe that Titanium is the best material for any rigid bicycle frame. It’s better than any other material in nearly all aspects. Titanium has an amazing strength to weight ratio, having a similar tensile strength to steel at half the weight. Titanium gives a very comfortable and forgiving ride that noticably reduces fatigue on the riders body, yet it’s easily rigid enough to produce very efficient pedaling. Titanium is extremely durable and does not corode and the frame will last for a life time.

Attention to detail

All Hostile frames have been designed and developed to give the perfect features and geometry for your riding disciplin. Our frame geometry is tweeked and adjusted until we’re happy that the frame will handle and perform as well as possible.

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Custom Design

All our frames  have been designed with years of development, experience and testing, so we believe our frames offer the best features and geometry for your chosen riding disciplin. However, if you want something a little special, Hostile’s in house design service can offer you custome frames to your specification.